• "Sean's style of writing really gets to the point and always conveys a convincing message. He also has a strong background in progressive social movements, and when it comes to the communications strategies of organizations that want to make positive change in the world today and the importance of being media and web savvy, Sean really gets it."

    Bilaal Rajan
    Bilaal Rajan UNICEF Canada Children's Ambassador, best-selling author, fundraiser and children's rights activist
  • “I have worked with Sean Cain for over ten years, and his talents reach many areas: graphic and web design, writing and editing, video production and social media. It’s his diverse range of skills that allow unions and progressive organizations to utilize him as a one-stop-shop for various online and print media needs. This way, Sean provides each of them with a clear, professional communications plan that helps grow and strengthen their organization.”

    Joanie Cameron Pritchett
    Joanie Cameron Pritchett Former President, Confederation of Canadian Unions
  • "I've worked with Sean Cain for almost five years, and his communications skills are an enormous help to any organization's campaign. Whether its press releases, media outreach, event preparation, public relations or websites, Sean was there. Most impressive is the speed at which he can deliver results."

    Michelle Bilek
    Michelle Bilek New Democratic Party Candidate, and United Nations Association in Canada Board Member
  • "Sean is very reliable and always happy to help. His knowledge proved invaluable in strategizing around content, layout, and other design elements for our website ( He also effectively addressed technical issues that arose with our website hosting company and worked quickly to fix them on our behalf. Sean can be counted on and that is important for a professional organization like ours.”

    Joy Warner
    Joy Warner Brock University Faculty Association
  • "I have known and worked with Sean for more than ten years. His web and graphic design work is absolutely gorgeous, and he really works with you to develop concepts that will represent your organization well in the public eye. Sean's redesign of our website has been a big hit with our membership. Better World Communications has been an enormous benefit to our organization."

    Robin Smith
    Robin Smith Former Vice President, York University Staff Association
  • "Sean really understands graphic design and what not-for-profit groups and small businesses need to reach their goals. Whereas other designers just do their own thing and send you a big, hefty invoice at the end of the month, Sean works with you to know exactly what you want and how to project your image."

    Hillary Vipond
    Hillary Vipond Criteria Fair Trade
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